How to decrease body fat by eating Cumin


How to decrease body fat by eating Cumin  

There is nothing new to say about the use of cumin in the cooking. Not only is that cooking used in the juice of cumin, but it is not. Considering the health, we give it to the cooking. Do you know that cumin has great ability to decrease your body fat? Just put your hand on calendars and make a timetable for just a few days. And see what happens.

Have patience for 15 days. In the meantime, eat one spoon whole cumin, one by one. Do not miss a day. Before that, you have to do another job. Write down your weight, keep writing. Take the weight again after 15 days. You will be surprised. By eating cumin with banana the fat will decrease nicely. A recent study found that the whole cumin was able to weigh the body very quickly. Cumin not only drives the fat, That’s not the case. At the same time, it removed unhygienic cholesterol from the body. As a result, those who are suffering from sweating in the gym for weight loss can once again rely on cumin for 15 days. Don’t be upset because researchers saying that- thymol, some other oil in cumin. Its work is to excite the salivary gland. As a result, food is better digested.

In addition, dignity works well on cumin’s quality. Researchers say, if there is discomfort in the digestion, you can drink tea with cumin and get benefits. Use one tablespoon of cumin powder in the water and wait until it boiled well. When the color of the water turns red, press the gas and keep it in the containers. Wait till it’s cool. These cumin seeds are played three times a day, digestion will increase. The abdominal pain reduces.

How to eat cumin?

1. Soak 2 big spoons of cumin in water whole cumin keep soak for a whole night. In the morning, by warming that water, eat it like tea without filtering. Do not drop the cumin powder from the mouth. Drink a few days of tea, see if weight is decreasing.

2. If you see that the supplement is not working well for you, then take the second step. Increase the amount of cumin in the food. You can eat cumin with yogurt. Take a spoon of 5 grams of cumin and mix it regularly. The weight will definitely reduce.

3. Mix it well with a few teaspoons of honey and three grams of cumin. Take this mixture regularly. By making a soup, one spoon mixed with cumin powder mixed will give good work.

4. Potato and garlic are very good to lose weight. Boil carrots and other vegetables, pour garlic and lemon juice. Add some cumin powder to it. Eat on a daily night, see the magic changes. After 15 days you will lose weight.