How to decrease Body Fat with Lemon Water

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How to decrease Body Fat with Lemon Water

Various studies have shown that lemon’s role in reducing stomach fat is a lot. However, if you can make lemon diet in the right way, you will be benefitted yourself. You can also reduce weight by one kilogram every day. According to various medical experts, the lemon is able to reduce weight by 100 percent. Because lemon juice is able to expel toxic substances in our body. It improves our metabolism and helps improve the immune system. By drinking this drink you can always feel yourself refreshing and strong.

The way to make this beverage is described below.  

Ingredients Required:

  1. Water- 8 Cup
  2. Lemon’s Sap- 6 spoon
  3. Honey – Half cup
  4. Basil leaves
  5. Ice piece – Required

How to make it:

First heat the water. There is no need to so heat the water such boiled water. That means to heat the water at 60-degree temperature. Then mix all ingredients together. Then let it heat for 2 minutes.Then take the mixture down from the oven. After coming to normal temperature, keep this mixture refrigerated for a few hours. Then you can drink this water. Each time you drink this beverage, an ice piece must be mixed with a glass mixture.   

Should drink it Before taking breakfast, drink this drink a glass of wine. Then eat the fruit salad in the morning breakfast.Drink a glass of this glass before sleeping at night. Eat some nut with.

Eat some cooked salad with a boiled egg and lettuce leaf in lunch. Which helps reduce weight. At 4 pm, lemon will drink another glass of the drink.

You can keep fish or chicken meat during dinner. Or have the habit of eating salad so can drink this lemon water before eating salad. If you do not want to reduce the weight, if you want to fix the body structure then drink this beverage a little bit throughout the day. Drink this lemon water for 5 days this way. Must leave unhealthy foods otherwise weight will not decrease.


Nowadays most of us have weight loss problem but here is another great problem is we are always want to find easy ways to solve the health problem and especially weight loss problem. To decrease body fat or lose weight so need always to do hard work and exercise. If, anyone is not able to do these so for their has some easy way to decrease body fat in the home. Drinking lemon water is so useful for losing weight in short time that is claimed by researchers.