Negative effects of Over Self-confidence


Negative effects of Over Self-confidence

There is a very difference between self-confidence and extra confidence. Being confident is very good, but people sometimes do not understand when their self-confidence is reaching the sky, and at one time they become more confident. For over self-confidence, a curtain falls in the eyes of a person which has over self-confidence and he thinks that he has the power to do anything.

According to psychologists, additional confidence gives people wrong ideas about their knowledge. They forget to notice minimize the risks and forget about how much of their power range is to solve a problem.

Problems are-

What is the problem if someone is very confident about himself?  It may be pleasing to him, but why are you bothered by this extra confidence? It may call some dangerous feedbacks for you and these will damage your humanity in your society. Actually, because there are so many reasons … 

  1. The more confident person does not want to leave his or her own opinion, nor does anyone verify the opinion. As a friend, they are very painful.
  2. They are more optimistic and ambitious, they work even more than their power. As a result, many of the people involved with him were harmed.
  3. They are indifferent to their weaknesses and since they do not recognize their weaknesses, they do not have any efforts to improve it.
  4. They think of themselves as superior and admit negative mind to others and never allow others to prove their work.  
  5. A confident person will say, I can do the job. But an extra confident person will say, only I can do the job.
  6. Such extra confidence people may bring the success in their lives but if they fail then they suffer from the severe disaster. It is not always easy to feel this very confident attitude.

So, some common strategies for leaving such a self-confident attitude are:

  1. Know your skills and keep always your eye on your skills.    
  2. Never try to compare yourself to others.
  3. If you hear criticism from others, try not to get annoyed and try to take it normally and since people are just wrong, you are not even outside.
  4. Think before you give someone a job, think about exactly how much you can finish on time or how much you have to do.
  5. Check your mistakes during the time, it will increase your efficiency, increase the strength of the minds and other qualities.
  6. It is certainly a positive attitude to be optimistic, but also to know the reality of solid reality and act accordingly, cannot be imaginative.

Remember, you are different from the place of other persons. It’s your skill, knowledge, efficiency, but it’s yours. You have some of the qualities that others do not have.  But do not boast about what you have. You can be better off in many but do not forget that someone can be better than you. The reality is so hard and everyone have to understand it must. Keep mind always fresh and positive without over self-confidence.