Seven Amazing uses and quality Of Garlic

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Seven Amazing uses and quality Of Garlic

Garlic by adding unique flavors to the cooking. Due to the strong circulation, vegetables cannot be worn without meat, curry cooked garlic. Garlic has been used for cooking in the subcontinent for a long time. And the identity of the outside world is not low. Many people say, ‘Powerhouse of Medicine and Flavor’. Because the body is healthy for raw or pure garlic. Regular use and release of many diseases.

In the Indian subcontinent, there is a trend of the introduction of raw garlic from various diseases. Besides, garlic is also used in many other works. In many cultures, the use of garlic is quite common. Our ancestors used garlic to prevent insects, and in the Middle, Ages Europeans used it to curb the plague. Alice is a sulfur-based compound in garlic, which works to cure many diseases. The chewing gum in raw garlic creates bacterial and fungal resistance to the body. Many claims that there is a lot of cancer prevention due to garlic regularly.

Keep the blood clean

Every morning the juice of two Kua and one glass of garlic will be consumed with hot water. And drink plenty of water in the day. The blood will be cleaned and the skin is good. If you want to reduce the weight a bit, you should give some lemon juice in hot water, mixed with garlic in the morning.

Cold and fever

A person who is often cold and prone to fever may have lemon juice. To remove the fever and cold from the body, eat two to three koa garlic raw. Apart from cooking or cooking, garlic can be eaten. And the smell of garlic is bad and mixed with ginger and honey. In this way, cold and fever will not only be removed for regular use, but their resistance to the body will also increase.

Avoid heart disease

Cholesterol level is low in some khoya raw or semi-boiled per day. Garlic also works to keep blood sugar levels and blood sugar levels. The sulfur-based compound allicin in garlic has a positive effect on health. One thing to remember is that raw juices are the best. Alcohol medicinal properties decreased when done.

Prevention of bacterial and microbial diseases

Garlic is used for thousands of years to prevent bacterial and germicidal diseases. Studies have shown that garlic extract works well to remove the worms of the children. Mouthwash (clean fluid inside the mouth) can be made from garlic extract. It is used to stop the spread of bacteria in the crop for regular use.

To prevent cancer

Stomach and colon cancer can be prevented by regularly consuming raw and cooking garlic every day. This claim has been made in several studies. Apart from regular garlic, all types of cancer prevention capacity are created in the body.

Skin and hair care

Due to regular garlic skin, the skin is beautiful and age improves. Apart from this, the use of garlic should be used regularly to protect skin from fungal and bacterial attacks. Garlic works well to stop hair fall and grow new hair. To get this benefit, use regular garlic extract or garlic-rich oil on the head.

To recover the cut

Over time, many uses of garlic have been forgotten, one of which has been forgotten by cutting. If you enter some pieces of wood or bamboo in the body, then it will be removed and cut out of garlic. At the same time, the body parts should be bandaged. Within a few days, the cut will recover.

Caution to use garlic

Be careful to use asthma patients or people with respiratory tract use garlic. In many cases, side effects of patients using garlic were seen. The operation of the afternoon, the U.Sulla stop using garlic. Without the doctor’s advice, no more than two quarts of garlic can be eaten in the day.