Severe 7 signs of chronic depression


Severe 7 signs of chronic depression

Nowadays the trend of suicide has increased tremendously. Every day it is heard from ruthlessly from anywhere.A sunny and very happy person when dead then we can’t accept his/her dead. Ever wondered about the matter? Why are people happy to see, suddenly one day commits suicide? The answer is, We can only see the happiness outside of them, the hidden sadness on the inside is not seen by anyone. And with the help of this hidden sadness, one day he killed himself.Sadness is the cancer of the mind. Which unknowingly ate all the people and devoured a man.

The only way to prevent this pestilence of depression is to recognize the signs. If you see these symptoms in your own or loved ones, you must consult a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor. Medicines should be used if needed.

Let’s know about these signs-  

  • Food needs change

People suffering from depression either begin to feel reluctant to eat or else have serious intentions. Many people want to eat food, and many people want to fill the void of life by eating food again.

  • Losing interest

People with chronic depression cannot find pleasure anymore. They never enjoy the things that they were like very well once.

  • Fatigue

Most of the time, to feel tired and exhausted, feel sick. This fatigue is not physical, emotional. This fatigue is fatigue towards life.

  • Damage things, give yourself the trouble

One of the signs of depression, trying to hurt yourself, is to hit yourself differently. The intensity of depression is that of the people.

  • Seek to stay alone

Someone close to you is not associating nowadays, avoiding crowds of people. Or you may also have a similar situation, you feel very good to be alone. Do not delay the doctor’s advice.

  • I am fine

A normal person can not always say ‘I’m fine’. The depressed people often play very well in front of everyone. Many people are wrong to understand the unhappiness of acting, so many people make mistakes.

  • Insomnia

People with depression will have sleep problems. Symptoms of depression, such as feeling sleepy during sleep, sleep during sleep, etc. If someone else sleeps most of the time, then also the symptoms of acute depression.


According to the World Health Organization, 350 million people suffer from depression every year. And a large part of it killed himself/herself. Like cancer deprive the life such depression deprive the life. So learn it with importance, take care of yourself and your loved one’s mental health.