What are the Advantages of a Paid Web Host Versus a Free Web Host?

Credit: Ripplemind

Today in this post I’m going to allocate about the advantages and disadvantages of free domain and hosting. So let us start the discussion:

A lot of people are frequently making website by taking free web domain, such as-tk, co, cc, cz etc are free domain. In such domain there is not any necessary to pay the service charges. Also you can increase its limit by renewing In every year. There are also organizations that are giving free for one year and from next year, they cut the charge.

Disadvantages of free domain: Beside advantages, there are many disadvantages.

1. Frequently your server can be showed error/missing.
2. Most of the paid hosting server does not support free domain.
3. Customer support is not available always.
4. You will not able to use control panel in according to your wish.

Advantages of paid domain:

1. Server is very fast.
2. Without free domain any kinds of name is supported.
3. Customer support is always avilable 24/7.
4. You will able to use your control panel fully.
5. You will able to renew your domain as well as anykinds of work can be done.

Disadvantages of free hosting sites:

1. Frequently your server can show error or missing problem.
2. Most of the paid domain provider does not support free hosting.
3. Will not get customer support always.
4. You will not able to use C-panel in according to your wish and if can then there are many obstacles.
5. You will not get any similarity among the work of hosting and bandwidth as you have read out before.
6. There are not any security for file backup and safety for hacking.
7. Frequently you will face over uploading time to upload any file. Also can remain your server busy.
8. Again, if your site gets huge traffic then it cannot access correctly.

Advantages of paid hosting site:

1. Server is free from error/missing problem.
2. Paid hosting server does not support free domain.
3. You will get customer care support always 24/7.
4. You will get full c-panel for controlling everything and will get the chance to use different utility.
5. To upload anything into the site you will not face huge time.
6. As you know before buying about hosting and bandwidth, you will get the same way to work.
7. There are enough security for file backup and for hacking.
8. If your website will get huge visitor then your website will not face incorrect access.