Why you Always feel So Tired – Top Reasons

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Why you Always feel So Tired – Top Reasons

Many people have seen weakness in recent days. After many hard works, body weakness is normal. But without doing much work in all day,  feeling too much tired and to getting yourself depressed but why you Always feel So Tired is not a good sign. You will feel weak only when a body of your body is not working properly or there is a lack of anything in your body. There are some very common reasons behind this feeling of weakness, which can lead to serious consequences if neglected. Try to remove these factors. Weakness will be cut. You can also get rid of any major disease. 


Emotional weakness in the body due to stress. If we are having too much stress, our brain works too much. We keep thinking too much. This causes a lot of pressure on the brain. The result is that the brain gets fatigue and feels weak in our body. So stop taking the more emotional stress.


It is surprising, however, that the weakness arises due to excessive work pressure and emotional stress, but it is true that laziness is also filled with weaknesses in the body. The more you lazy yourself, the more your body becomes weak. Having a little work and taking a little stress can improve your body’s immune system. You’ll be strong in this.

Taking food

Whenever you feel weak, take a look at your food list and food time. If you do not have balanced foods in your food list and you have a lot of difference in your meal from time to time, then your body becomes weak and automatically. So eat a balanced diet and eat a little something every 3/4 hours a day.


Wateriness reduces the amount of blood in the body. This makes the body weak. You feel weakness So bring water to the habit of changing. According to health experts, everyone should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

credit: momjunction.com

The liver does not work properly

Studies show that if the lever lost his proper performance and could not work properly, we would feel weak. Because of this, losing liver function cannot free our body of toxin. By doing so, the harmful toxins weaken our immune system.

Deficiency of Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency creates weakness in the body. An adult person needs 45 mg of vitamin C daily. Put apple, banana, orange, pineapple, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage in the food list.


The lack of magnesium in our bodies weaknesses in our body. If this lack is not met then these vulnerabilities are likely to last longer. Keep the food list as adult man 320 to 420-milligrams magnesium. Eat magnesium foods like curd, fish, broccoli, corn etc.